A Little Gardening, Writing and Such

September 16, 2011


For all you Kansans, and for all my other family and friends, who are loving and supportive:

Tomorrow night (Friday) I am reading at my first reading ever. I feel like “ever” should be bolded or something; instead of actually doing that, I’ll just write a sentence about it. It’s from 6-8 at Blue Planet Cafe in Topeka, KS. I have no idea where this is but I have heard from multiple sources that the restaurant is cool. And I have Mapquest.

I’m reading with a three other Kansas people, all poets: Katie Longofono, Jeff Tigchelaar, and Mary Stone Dockery. Because they are all so cool, we even got on the Poet’s and Writer’s calendar, which seems simultaneously odd and cool.

I just finished putting together what I’m going to read–two prose pieces, three poems.  It’s all new. Now I’m brainstorming what to wear and what witty jokes to make when I get in front the microphone and my hands are kind of shaky. At least I got a haircut today.

And the garden bit:

Today I made a whole lot of tasty pesto. It’s better than last year’s. More on that to come.

One Response to “A Little Gardening, Writing and Such”

  1. Dawn Bollinger Says:

    Kara, knock ’em. dead. I am so excited. I wish that I could be a little fly on the wall.(I am sorry, but all parents secretly want to do that whenever their children do something cool). It is a parent thing. Let me know how it goes. I am so very proud of you and happy for you!!!

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