all about garden mates pt. 2

February 23, 2012

These are all photos of Clare Echterling and me.

When she started at KU, we were forced to talk because we were office mates.

We quickly realized this worked out quite nicely, though. We like the same places and food and clothes and movies. We mostly like the same music (though once we almost had an office throw down: Jack White vs. Ryan Adams).

Because we’re super serious about school (as these photos indicate) but still like to be hip Lawrencians, she’s my LPT work date pretty much every weekend.

She’s also my friend.

We make dinner together and then sometimes afterwards, she supports my new iPhone Instagraminess by letting me take gansta photos that I’m sure Snoop Dogg envies.


She even hangs out with me when I insist on wearing large, noise cancelling headphones that don’t belong to me.

Once this happened.

As you can probably guess from the hilarity of these photos, we quickly became an in-demand Lawrence duo. Or at least we think are.

I’m telling you all about Clare for one reason:

Though not represented in the photo diary of sorts above, it is important that you know that Clare also gardens in the community garden with me. We are two girls who care about local food…like for real care about local food. A few weeks ago, I mentioned not having a garden mate this spring/summer and being bummed about that (see this link).  I also said I had a plan. I executed my plan successfully. Read on…

On Valentine’s Day, I made Clare a card. Now that I look at these photos, I realize it is quite ugly. I normally make nice looking cards, so I’m not sure what happened.

I also included a poem asking her to be my garden mate. It is also not good and has weirdo line breaks, but cheesy poems are SO Valentine’s Day.

Luckily, she said “yes.” And while no one will ever replace my first garden mate, I’m happy to not be alone.

March is nearing. Adventures a’comin’. I promise.

For those of you who already saw this on Facebook, I apologize. You can ignore this entry. Same general content, different jokes. But for those of you non-Facebookers…or people I’m not friends with on Facebook (shout out Jeff and Dawn Bollinger), read on…

Not at all garden related, but totally writing related…

Bestie Molly and I went to see Ryan Adams in Kansas City last Wednesday night. Ryan, not to be confused with Bryan. As major RA fans, we were totally excited about this. As best friends who seem to get to see each other less and less (grrr…grad/law school), we were also excited to have best friend time. As two people way too dedicated to school, we were maybe most excited to take approximately 18 hours off from reading/writing/crazy students & law school professors.

The concert was quite good. He wrote this song about a badger on the spot.

He also played a slower piano version of New York, New York which was totally beautiful and memorable.

The subsequent staying up until 2:30 am and sleeping in and taking 2 hours to eat breakfast/drink coffee and record shopping was also all quite good.

People know how much we like RA, so when friend Patrick (of butter churn fame) found out we went to the concert, he asked if we wanted to write a blog about the show for an STL music blog he’s part of. We were happy to neglect our homework to write about RA and had the blog finished in less than 24 hours. I hope there are more collaborative blogs to follow. &*%BeStIeS 2012%*&

Check it here: