You’ll notice I haven’t blogged in a month and a half….my head’s been all over the place. In that time, I have: 1) Sadly moved from lovely Lawrence, KS 2) Applied and interviewed for jobs 3) Accepted a job 4) tried to see friends as much as possible 5) packed and threw stuff away and packed some more.

I write from my parents’ basement in Southeast Missouri, a land that is surprisingly less steamy than Kansas at this point. There are lots of deer heads staring at me. I hear reality TV in the background, and sometimes, my mom plays the piano from a 1970s book called “Songs of Our Time.”

The reason I’m at my parents’ house, and not in a new apartment in a new city looking for a new community garden, is because I’m moving to Moscow, Russia. A lot of you probably already know this from all the crazy social media. Or from talking with me in person, which still happens sometimes. My job doesn’t start until September 1, and I thought that instead of rushing from Lawrence to like, the other side of the world, it might be good to spend a few weeks with my family.

I’m keeping the things I didn’t sell/donate but am not taking to Moscow here. So,  I’ve been going through childhood/ middle school/high school/college stuff and throwing it away to make room for the stuff I’ll probably decide to throw away in three years. Remembering your middle school self is humbling, but fun. My family and I also made a traditional/sentimental family trip to Disney World, where it’s surprisingly easy to act like a child at 25, especially when you’re moving to Russia and your parents want you to just have the best. time. ever.

It saddens me to write this, but the last few weeks in the community garden were less sentimental than I’d expected. The weather was in the 100s every single day for almost two weeks. Though I still watered and weeded and picked the Swiss chard and malabar spinach that could survive the heat, it was hard to be in the garden–or anywhere besides a swimming pool–for more than fifteen or twenty minutes. My friend Nic said every time he saw my plot, he remembered that I really was leaving; I’m embarrassed by how void of green it was. 

A huge gesture of goodbye didn’t feel necessary; I’d been saying goodbye all summer. And so, after we packed up my things and I checked out of my apartment, I stopped by the garden and took one last photo. And that was it.

But now that I’m gone, a grand (but manageable/readable) summing up seems appropriate.  So, “The Best of the LCGP in Chronological Order, as Selected and Narrated by Kara Bollinger” is on its way.

More soon about my new job and what will become of the blog, too.